Yarns - Alpaca


Louise West said...

Lovely alpaca yarn. I have recently tried it but not finding it very easy.. any tips?

Leigh said...

Thank you Louise, for your kind comment.

Alpaca requires a lot of twist. It's slippery, so I started with the largest whorl on my spinning wheel and treadled slowly to get a feel for it. You can read about that in this post of my fiber journal, though most of my information came from the Spring 1994 issue of Spin-Off magazine.

Some folks find it easier to start by blending it with wool, which may help you too.

It makes a lovely yarn, so it is well worth the effort! Let me know how you get on with it.

Cockeyed Jo said...

I love spinning angora with llama or alpaca. None are simple and require tons of twist but beautiful once it's spun. I also blend our angora with merino. The merino gives it all some stretch about extra strength.