Wraps: Shawls, Stoles, & Ruanas


Anonymous said...

Hi Leigh, Wow! Your prolific and your site takes my breath away as there is so much to take in. But the oOOoo's & aaAAAaaa's came when I saw your charcoal/black stole with the undulitating flow in the pattern. That is an amazing piece. Well done. Keep up the good work.
Shirley Treasure

Tropical Twister said...


Enjoyed touring your site. The Shadow Weave shawl is awesome! Good Work ...

Alison Addicks said...

The shadow weave reminds me of the Hobbit capes in Lord of the Rings: their NZ made pattern is a slightly altered design taken from a pattern in Carol Strickler's 8 Shaft book. Loved your shawl, beautifully done!

seafordwoman said...

Love the fibre work,- you are really creative.
Put my mind at rest by telling me the ceiling tiles you are using are fire retardant and you use the adhesive and paint that's safe to use with them! I understand gloss is not recommended. I expect you've checked this out already, though.
Best to you in this extreme weather.

Leigh said...

Seafordwoman, thank you so much.

The ceiling tiles are styrofoam and I don't recall ever reading anything about them being fire retardant. :(

The recommended adhesive is as for ceramic tiles, but we used a vinyl floor adhesive. I'm using regular ceiling paint. Our concerns with those things are surface and air temperatures and ventilation (for the paint). We were able to get everything done during milder weather except finishing up with the paint!

seafordwoman said...

Glad you could do most things in the milder weather.
In Europe- after the awful Channel Tunnel fire which was spread through tiles- they all have to be made of fire retardant material. I expect that's also the case in the US. They also recommend covering the tile with the adhesive completely rather than the traditional 'five dots' method.
Congratulations on your new book!

Leigh said...

Seafordwoman, thank you! The book is doing better than I could have hoped. :)

I can understand the requirement for fireproof tiles in that case. Ours would likely just shrink and melt.